Our 5 Year Tactics

Operational Tactics Report

tactics tactics
tactics tactics

1.0 - Develop flexible, customizable, technology enhanced learning experiences.

1.1 - Develop a teaching and learning framework to advance and sustain innovative approaches in flexible, customizable learning experiences.

1.2 - Conduct an impact analysis to optimize the provision of programs and services college-wide in support of flexible, customizable learning.

1.3 - Explore an expanded delivery model to retain and attract new audiences through flexible and customizable learning experiences in corporate training, professional development, general education/electives, and topic-specific learning modules/objects.

2.0 - Foster an organizational culture of innovation.

2.1 - Define organizational innovation through criteria and initiatives that recognize and reward contributions to solution-based thinking and novel approaches towards organizational excellence.

2.2 - Establish a teaching and learning innovation hub that supports exploration, experimentation, and creation of enhanced learning experiences.

3.0 - Create meaningful connections in our community and promote the value of shared learning.

3.1 - Develop an Alumni engagement strategy to maximize a broader community outreach and increase student exposure to learning experiences beyond the classroom.

3.2 - Develop a Program Advisory Committee enhancement strategy to increase involvement of community and industry partners in shaping learning experiences at Cambrian College.

4.0 - Support improved affordability and increased transferability of learning.

4.1 - Create a simplified accessible support program to assist individual students to access low-cost but large impact financial support.

4.2 - Develop an engagement protocol that responds to community demands and barriers to increase Indigenous learner access to postsecondary.

4.3 - Establish a recognizable framework to support increased access and transferability of learning through streamlined pathways with other educational organizations.

5.0 - Provide enhanced opportunities to learn and apply knowledge of Indigenous peoples.

5.1 - Develop a curriculum integration framework to support increased student exposure and understanding of Indigenous culture, traditions and learning perspectives.

5.2 - Establish a college-wide recognition approach to celebrate and increase collaboration with our host Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation.

6.0 - Establish and promote an inclusive and engaging atmosphere to work and learn.

6.1 - Create shared-learning space that promotes increased faculty/student interaction, and independent and group study.
This objective is co-dependent on Objective 1.1. A meeting of the sponsors and co-chairs will be held to determine if they need to be integrated or if they can stand alone. For now, this objective is scheduled to start once the Objective 1.1 is completed.

6.2 - Establish a campus modernization plan that optimizes hands-on, collaborative learning experiences through the revitalization of common areas, simulation, and academic lab spaces.

6.3 - Develop an organizational framework to reinforce positive mental wellness and address barriers to full participation in the learning experience.

6.4 - Create and implement a college-wide plan to build awareness and understanding of the diverse perspectives and learning needs of our campus community.

7.0 - Establish our global identity as a leader in evidence-based practice and applied research.

7.1 - Identify new opportunities to collaborate with industry partners to build our national recognition as a leader in student-engaged applied research.

7.2 - Identify leading and promising practices to advance evidence-based practice and drive continuous quality improvement.

8.0 - Broaden our outreach and brand awareness.

8.1 - Establish criteria to identify and actively promote distinctive programs and services unique to Cambrian College

8.2 - Develop a comprehensive internationalization strategy to provide reciprocal learning exchange opportunities internally and externally.